Szału nie ma, jest rak | WIĘŹ bookcover

This is the cover design I worked on for Więz, a Catholic magazine that also publishes books on a regular basis. Jack who is on the cover of the book is a priest who has dedicated his 11 years as a priest to creating a hospice for cancer patients. Ironically, he himself was diagnosed with a brain tumour on June 2012. After 2 surgeries and chemotherapy he continues to serve the patients at his hospice.

I am grateful to his cause that the book has been selling better than expected but Janem and Więż have contributed considerable time promoting the book.

This post is dedicated to Janem and all the individuals and families who suffer from cancer.

You can help conquer cancer by dedicating free CPU/GPU cycles on your computer through efforts by joining The World Community Grid

Szału nie ma, jest rak | Wydawnictwo WIĘŹ.

Szalu nie ma Jest Rak

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